Get Yourself All Gussied Up and Grab Your Rhett Butler!

Be The Belle of the Ball as You Head Out to Your Next Costume Party in Your Southern Belle Outfit!

Southern Belle Toddler - Child CostumeWould you like to step back in time to a beautiful plantation, sip a Mint Julep and host a Ball dressed up in your Southern Belle Dress?

Well, Bless Your Heart…

Just Look Here…

This Southern Belle Toddler Costume shown on the left is an adorable outfit for Daddy’s little girl.

Your darling daughter will be the Belle of the Ball in this charming dress.

The smooth bodice has a lacy top border, pink flower, pink shoulder straps and waist sash flowing down to a tiered green skirt with hoops  for fullness.

The beautiful matching green wide brimmed sun hat has pink ribbons tie completes the costume.  This lovely Southern Belle Outfit is available in Child sizes, 2T, 3T-4T and 4-6X.

Southern Belle Elite Adult CostumeYou will be the Belle of any Ball in this beautiful Southern Belle Elite Collection Adult size dress pictured on the right.

Well, I do declare!  Isn’t  she just the most beautiful Southern Belle you’ve ever seen?

You will look like you stepped right out history in this stunning, elegant  vision in lavender and purple wearing your Southern Belle Dress.

You will be every bit the Southern Lady,  in this Southern Belle costume which includes gown, hoop petticoat giving the dress a fullness, gloves, and hat.

The satin and lace gown is accented with white lace.  Completing this outfit is a pair of white lace gloves and a matching purple and white lace wide brim sun bonnet with a satin ribbon tie.  Be sure to add a lovely parasol, as no southern belle would be without one.  This lovely gown is available in small, medium, large and extra large adult sizes.

Gone with the Wind Picnic Dress Scarlet CostumeStep into Scarlett O’Hara’s shoes with this Gone with the Wind picnic dress.

Be transformed to the old South.  Imagine sitting on the spacious front porch of your southern plantation, Tara, serving Mint Juleps and Sweet Tea to your guests wearing this beautiful green gown.

This dress is an officially licensed Gone With the Wind costume.

The stylish, classic costume includes an off shoulder, floor length dress.  It features a pale green floral print full skirt, with contrasting jade green ribbons, trim on large, layered bodice ruffles and satin belt.  Available in Small, Medium, Large Adult sizes.

Check out the selection of Southern Belle Outfits which include Toddler, Child, Adult and plus size costumes.  Don’t forget to complete your ensemble by adding long white gloves, shoes, parasols, fans, period wigs and purses which are also found on this page.

Who Were The Southern Belles?

Typically the daughters of America’s Southern upper class are called Southern Belles.

Families include the wealthy merchants and plantation owners.  Belle is derived from the French word meaning beautiful.

Beautiful and charming, possessing impeccable manners and poise, having gracious hospitality and a warm southern drawl are a few of a Southern Belles characteristics.

Some Rules to Follow as a Southern Belle are:

  • Always use Mame and Sir when speaking to another person.
  • Never wear white after Labor Day or before Easter.
  • Never cuss or swear.
  • Always be gracious to guests who visit your home and offer them some Sweet Tea or a Mint Julep.
  • Always be Coy.  Never let a man know you are interested in him.
  • Never go out in public without fixing your hair, make up and dress.
  • Learn how to use a fan properly as it can be a useful accessory.
  • Never go out in the sun without a parasol.
  • Know when to have the vapors to avoid something unpleasant.
  • Never use the term “boy friend”.  Use beaux or gentleman caller.

If you need visual help, be sure to watch the classic Movie  “Gone with the Wind“.